Raise Pennsylvania’s Solar Goals!

Tell your representatives in Harrisburg to support SB 600/HB 1195 and modernize Pennsylvania's renewable energy portfolio!

Pennsylvania has always been an energy leader, but we are falling behind our neighbors when it comes to solar energy. A new bill in Harrisburg could change all of that!

Senate Bill 600 and its House companion, HB 1195, update Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) to require that utilities buy 10% of their electricity from in-state solar energy and 20% from other renewable and alternative sources by 2030. Of this 10% solar “carve-out”, 7.5% would come from utility-scale solar and 2.5% from rooftop solar.

Pennsylvania currently has a goal of 8% renewable with a solar carve-out of only 0.5% by 2021 – a deadline that is rapidly approaching. If we do not update our AEPS by 2021, the state’s solar market would stagnate, leading to job losses and lower SREC incomes for solar owners.

SB 600/HB 1195 would help us remain competitive in a region that is increasingly embracing solar energy. Please send an email to your state senator and representative urging them to support this bill! And be sure to share this link with your friends and neighbors and ask them to act as well!