Make solar part of Minnesota’s economic recovery

Now is the time to make sure homes, businesses and schools can invest in solar.

Minnesota has made smart investments in solar through the Minnesota Renewable Development Account. This money comes from Xcel Energy, not taxpayers. It is used to promote solar energy. Legislators should use it now to continue growing solar in our state. They should use the money to:

  • Extend the program that helps individuals and businesses that install solar. The Solar*Rewards program gives financial support to homeowners and businesses to install solar panels. It is set to expire after next year. Extending the program will provide immediate economic stimulus by helping Minnesotans like you go solar.
  • Help schools go solar. Schools are unable to access the tax benefits of going solar. Providing them an additional incentive is a smart investment. The money they save is invested in our children’s education. Solar on schools also provides a real-world learning opportunity for students.

Use the form on the right to contact your legislators. Personalize your message by telling them why you support solar energy.