Girl Scouts SUN Patch Program

Calling all girl scouts and troop leaders who are interested in solar!

Solar United Neighbors has developed the SUN Patch Program that can be implemented by any girl scout troop across the United States! While earning the SUN patch, Girl Scouts of all ages can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them, and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities.

1,697 girl scouts from 142 troops across 29 U.S. states + Canada
have already earned their SUN patches (and counting!)

The first girl scout troop to earn their SUN patches: Troop 32512 from Tampa, FL!


Your troop can start earning the Solar United Neighbors SUN Patch by downloading our patch program PDF below. Reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know that your troop will be working on the SUN patch! We can answer questions, offer ideas, and provide more ways for your troop to get involved with solar.

Click the image below to download the SUN Patch Program

Click the patch to view the Patch Program PDF 

More information on the SUN Patch


To allow girls to DISCOVER how solar works; CONNECT solar energy with their lives, community, and the planet; and TAKE ACTION on what they’ve learned to use solar energy as a renewable and pollution-free resource.

Note: The activities and information contained in this patch program are targeted toward Brownie- through Ambassador-level Girl Scouts (2nd – 12th grades).

Instructions on how your troop can earn the SUN Patch

  1. Complete the activities and discussions listed in the DISCOVER, CONNECT, and TAKE ACTION sections of the full SUN Patch Program PDF.
  2. Volunteers, use the information and resources available to facilitate conversations, answer questions, and lead activities.
  3. Complete the REPORTING section at the end of this patch program document to get your Solar United Neighbors patches.
Girl scouts in Dubois County, IN earning their SUN patches.

Pursuing your Bronze, Silver, or Gold award and looking for a project?

We would love to work with and support girls who are interested in developing Bronze, Silver, or Gold award projects around educating and engaging with their communities about solar! If you are interested in pursuing a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award project involving solar energy, please reach out to us at [email protected] – we can help you think through potential project ideas and provide you with education and outreach resources to get your project up and running!

Olivia, a girl scout from Worthington, OH, completing her gold award project by spreading the word about solar in her community

Girl Scout Councils:

Help spread the word about the SUN patch program to girl scout troops in your council! You can list the Solar SUN patch program on your Council’s patch program or volunteer resources web page, send an email to troop leaders in your council about the SUN patch program, or incorporate the SUN patch program into an upcoming STEM or gold/silver award event. Contact [email protected] to get started or for more information.

We are proud to be working with the following councils who are sharing the SUN patch program with their troops:

Troop 47969 from Dodge Center, MN making solar s’mores!

Media coverage of troops earning their SUN patches:

Quotes from troop leaders and partners about the SUN patch program:

We had one of our parents, who has solar panels on her house come in and talk to us, we went on a neighborhood scavenger hunt, and made solar s’mores. The girls were quite excited to find out more about solar power. They learned that solar was more prevalent in our neighborhood than we had realized. Amanda Dein, leader of Troop 517, American Fork, UT

Thanks, Solar United Neighbors, for sharing this fun patch program and having it so well organized, interesting, age appropriate and adaptable, and relevant to what Girl Scouts is all about!” Brenda, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys Council

Shoreline Solar Project was pleased to partner with Solar United Neighbors and Girl Scouts of Western Washington to offer girl scouts the opportunity to earn their SUN Patch at the 2018 NW SolarFest. Scouts visited 5 stations to learn about solar installations in the community, talk with homeowners who have solar on their roofs, speak with a women owned company about jobs in solar, discover how to cook with the sun and how solar heating works. One of the highlights of the festival was the sound of the cowbell when each scout was awarded their patch with the proclamation, “Julie Smith has completed the requirements of the Solar United Neighbors and she is now awarded the SUN Patch.” The crowd broke into applause each time the cowbell rang. 25 scouts earned their SUN Patches at this event! Maryn Wynne, President/NW SolarFest Coordinator at Shoreline Solar Project

Girl scouts earning their SUN Patches at the NW Solar Fest in Shoreline, Washington.