Make solar energy part of our economic recovery

The Senate can help millions of Americans go solar by passing the Moving Forward Act.

The Senate is considering a bill (the Moving Forward Act) to help our country recover from the economic troubles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Solar energy ought to play a leading role.

The legislation includes several provisions that will support solar energy’s continued growth and help more Americans benefit from solar energy.

The bill:

Maintains federal support for solar. The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has been an important catalyst for solar growth. It is set to expire for homeowners after 2021. The Moving Forward Act extends this deadline through 2025. This will let homeowners who decided to wait to go solar because of financial concerns benefit from this credit. Further, the Moving Forward Act also allows people and businesses who are ineligible for the tax credit to take it as a rebate instead.

Expands access to solar. The bill also creates grant programs to broaden renewable energy access to:

  • Low-income homeowners,
  • Multi-family affordable housing, and
  • Under served areas.

The bill also helps schools to reduce their energy costs. It does so through energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement grants.

Invests in a modernized electric grid. The system of wires and poles we use to carry electricity from power plants to our homes needs an upgrade. The Moving Forward Act ensures the electric grid can efficiently handle additional electricity supplied by renewable energy.

It is important that your senators hear that broadening access to solar should be part of the nation’s recovery plan.

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