Stand up for solar rights in Jacksonville

Ask city councilors to review attack on fair solar credit as part of JEA investigation

The Jacksonville City Council has launched an investigation to the failed sale of our municipally-owned utility, JEA.

Key players in the deal, notably former JEA President Aaron Zahn, stood to gain a financial windfall if the sale went through. JEA’s board fired Zahn and then resigned due to public outcry over the board’s lack of oversight.

This wide-ranging scandal infected every aspect of the agency, and even your right to go solar.

In 2017, JEA announced it would stop fairly crediting solar owners for the electricity they generate. This credit is the linchpin of a fair market for solar.

At the time, JEA’s decision to do so was baffling. It made more sense once we learned about the sale.

JEA sale backers wanted to sell JEA to an investor-owned utility. Investor-owned utilities see rooftop solar as a competitor to their business. JEA’s decision to end net metering eliminates this competition. This makes JEA more attractive to a potential buyer.

Understanding why this decision was made is the first step to reversing it and restoring our solar rights.

Urge your city council members to investigate this policy change. Demand they find out why your solar rights were taken.