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Net metering in Florida

Net metering in Florida

It’s clear that home solar makes sense in the Sunshine State. Florida’s strong net metering policies are providing Floridians with the freedom to choose solar.

Most home solar power systems in Florida are connected to the electric grid. When your home system generates more electricity than you need, the excess power goes back through your electric meter. Your neighbors use this electricity.

This benefits everyone. It provides your neighbors with cost-effective and clean energy. You receive a credit. When your solar system is not producing enough power, you can use power from the grid. This ensures that you always have a continuous supply of electricity.
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Net metering’s benefits

For Floridians, the benefits of home solar are unmistakable.

Home solar offers you considerable cost savings. It provides provides energy independence from utility providers. And, it dramatically lowers your carbon footprint. When coupled with battery storage, home solar can keep you powered day and night – even during power outages.

Net metering supports increased solar adoption. This is good for everyone. As Florida’s Public Service Commission noted when it created rules for net metering. Increased rooftop solar means generating electricity with a clean source and encouraging investment in Florida. It also means creating a better, fairer electric system. Decentralizing our electric system means more people take ownership of their electricity. It also makes for a more resilient electric grid.

Florida’s consumer-friendly net metering policies

Net metering has been available statewide in Florida since 2008. Since then, Florida has seen more than a 10,000% increase in the number of renewable energy system interconnections. These strong, consumer-friendly policies have been a foundation for countless Floridians to make the switch. Your right to have home solar is so important – not even a homeowner’s association can take it away.
Over the years, there have been a number of attempts to erode Florida’s consumer-friendly net metering policies. Net metering is a fair way of crediting you for the electricity you generate. We are always looking for advocates who care about preserving Florida’s net metering policies. If you want to receive updates warning about proposals that could undermine your ability to choose home solar, join our community.

The details

Florida Administrative Code Rule 25-6.065 establishes the rules of net metering and interconnection in the State of Florida. These rules apply to all investor owned utilities in the state.

System capacity limit 2 MW
Monthly excess generation credit Rate Full retail
Annual excess generation credit Rate Avoided cost
State-wide net metering cap None specified
Applicable utilities All utilities
Policies expanding net metering None
Additional Barriers Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are able to set their own credit rates for net metering.


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