Solar for organizations

Why should your organization go solar?

Save money

Installing solar panels can significantly reduce your organization’s electricity bill. By installing solar, you can offset your utility bills with the solar electricity you produce. In many places, the cost of solar electricity is the same or lower than utility electricity, translating into big savings over the lifetime of your system.

Shield yourself from rising electricity costs

By going solar, you will reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility company. This insulates you from rising energy prices and lets you better predict your future energy costs.

Show leadership

By going solar, your organization shows a commitment to distributed, renewable energy and to becoming more energy independent.

Build community

Going solar is a way to bring together donors, community members, customers, and supporters affiliated with your organization. People care about solar. Invite them to track the progress of your installation and celebrate with you once it’s installed.

Become resilient

When paired with energy storage, solar energy can power your building even in times when the grid is down. By pursuing solar plus storage systems, organizations can provide critical power to their people during emergencies and natural disasters.

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